Company overview

Chairman/ Mr. Mike Cho
Founded in 1977
Number of staff/100people
Capital amount/ NT $ 309 million
Main products/Vending machines,smart device, sheet metal processing

1977 Found Gold Rain Industry
1980 The company was name as Gold Rain Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
1982 Changed its name to Gold Rain Industrial Co., Ltd., manufacturing telephone switch components, and become a good partner of Japan Communications Industry Co., Ltd.
1984-1985 Investment in research and development of the vending machine and self-creating brand marketing by the major domestic beverage manufacturers with love.
1986-1991 For the diversified development of enterprises, the company name was changed to Gold Rain Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1993 Company won the first Taiwan Excellence Award, of the same year in May be honored with the 12th National Award for superior product design.
1994 Securities Department Futures Management Committee the Ministry of Finance are approved the public offering of shares.
1995 Beverage vending machine was awarded Japan's first foreign electrical safety specifications T MARK inspection certification designation 91-54435.
1996 Stocks are listed on the counter.
1997 Passed ISO-9002 certification.
1998-2000 Phone card vending machines and photo sticker vending machine developed successfully listed.
2001-2002 LCD monitors 15 inch, 17inch, 19inch LCD Monitor successfully listed.
2003 ISO - 9001 14001 certified.
2004-2006 LCD monitors 30 inch, 32 inch, 37 inc h LCD TV, 42 inch, 47inch LCD Display successfully listed.
2007 ST smart vending machine was awarded the Department of Commerce may issue special counseling program product released on the market.
2008 Beverage vending machine was awarded Japan PSE JD50131429 certified exported to Japan.
2009-2010 NT series of intelligent beverage vending machines successfully launched.
2011 ST series intelligent vending machine for export to Australia.
2012 SV series intelligent food self-selling machine won Japan PSE JD50222144 certified export to Japan, AM series intelligent vending machine on the table awarded Japanese PSE 11028125 certified export to Japan.
2013 In Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China set up a subsidiary Gold Rain Enterprises in Kunshan city.
2015 Gold Rain Enterprises changed its chairman to MR.Mike Cho on 6/30.
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