Gold Rain Enterprises was founded in 1977, and we are a manufacturer of all kinds of vending machine. Several years, we devoted to the excellence performance in developing and producing beverage vending machine, food vending machine, lifting vending machine, and OEM/ODM projects. Now we also involved with the brand management “ALONA”, and let it be the leader and became well-known in this field.
Gold Rain Enterprises served as a long-term supplier who provides high quality vending machine for the clients, and we've gained a lot of experience in developing and producing the stack columns for several years. This technology is widely accepted to our customers who devoted into the beverage markets domestic. We base in Taiwan, and also expand our business worldwide to China, Japan, America, and even countries in southeast Asia. Moreover, expecting to catch up the transition in consumption habits of the masses, we collaborate with many partners in the world who dedicate into the cashless payment solution and the application programming design to reach the goal of integration from off-line to on-line.
Regarding to the cost deduction, we invested professional machine tools for the sheet metal. With these equipment, such as the punching machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine, welding machine, powder painting device, and the assembly team, we have the ability to satisfy the demand of OEM sheet metal, and also to achieve the one-stop service.
Due to the New Southbound Policy promoted in Taiwan, Gold Rain invested and established our factory in Singapore Industrial Park NO.2 in Vietnam in 2018. Preparing for this new policy, we hope to restructure our producing line in southeast Asia, and to catch up the cashless payment trend in the future.

Business organization

Business Concept

The Integrity, Innovative and professional execution abilities.
Aim:To forms Successful Business Partnership.


Implement the ISO9001/ISO14001 quality management system on our companies to ensure that products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements.


Produce high quality & price competitiveness products and also utilize the substances of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) Compliant on our products.

核心競爭力 Core Competence
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ISO 14001合格認證

ISO 9001合格認證

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